Major Leage Pickleball
Gulf Coast Region

MLP Woolmarket // 8 June 2024 // Comissioner: Andrea Robertson

MLP Eastern Shore // Comissioner: Holly Murray (Completed)

Team Captains:


  1. Ben Redman replaces Phil Herrington as a Team Captain
  2. Lisa Holmes replaces Darlene Devine.
  3. Kelsey Brown replaces Julie Fairbanks
  4. Scouting Day (practice day) to be Saturday, 22 April 2023.
  5. Draft to be held the week of May 21. Roster

MLP Hattiesburg // Comissioner: Marlana Mims (Completed)

Team Captains:

Draft was held on 25 February 2023. The roster is available.

Some video clips (courtesy of Ryan P.)

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